Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I have been on the trail of kerala festivals for about 25 days now. I must have seen over 200,000 people in total. But i must say, i aint that impressed. These religious Utsavs is just a reason for a large number of people to consume alcohol, eat non-vegetarian food and create chaos among different communities. I saw hundreds of chickens being offered right in front of the temple and cattle heavily packed in lorries for slaughter. It wasnt a UTSAV. Just a carnival. There were no kirtans or bhajans that i had seen on similar events, about 15 years back. Just people with superstitions who just wanted to eat all night long. I saw a lady being beaten up by young men who alledge that she stole someone's chain. There must have been hundreds of policemen nearby. But no one came forward to sort out the issue. The whole area including the temple vicinity were scattered with dirt and litter of all kinds. There were people pushing each other, some abusing, some chatting away about their mobile phone bills and kids running around making noises. Many people who had gathered to watch kaathakali, bharathanatyam and music easily got bothered within minutes and preffered to return home to watch TV. Sad, dont you think? I stayed on for the sake of spirituality, photography and general participation to uphold culture.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Job advert

Probably the only client of ours who would take the time to design a job advert like the one above. Keep it up guys! And if you are interested in the job, go ahead and send them an email. Do mention us.

Friday, February 10, 2006


From almost drowning while swimming with dolphins to being chased by a wild bull to having my complete lower body covered with blood sucking leeches to almost falling off a waterfall to jumping from a helicopter with a bungy rope, I am proud to say that I have just experienced my first scorpion bite! It must have been arounf 3am or so when the tiny bugger stung. And it HURTS!!!! The scorpion was deep red in color and frightening. Anyways, I am ok now but a bit nervous going to bed near villages and forests. I must be getting old.

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