Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Running a restaurant

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I love watching and reading anything on entrepreneurship. And the new episode of MY RESTAURANT RULES presented by celebrity chef Curtis Stone (on Discovery's TRAVEL AND LIVING Channel, every monday at 10pm) would have to be one of my favourite reality show so far after the "Biker Build Off" series. The show will offer five lucky couples the chance to start up their own restaurant business from scratch. The show offers a phenomenal opportunity to aspiring restaurateurs. It’s not every day you get free reign to create your dream restaurant. It demonstrates to the five couples what they’ll need to cope with the pressures and demands of creating a top-class restaurant. The show follows them through the design and renovation stages of creating their dream restaurants; to the hiring of staff and launch stage then to opening to the public. The winning couple will get to keep their restaurant as well as an additional cash prize; the rest must close shop. Each couple will be given a significant cash advance at the start of the series but it won’t be enough to get them to opening day. To get more money they’ll need to undergo a gruelling performance review and convince ‘THE BANK’ a panel of three experts in the food game that they deserve it.

I think its TV programmes such as these not only entertains people but also acts as a platform to encourage and inspire upcoming businessmen no matter where they are.


At 11:11 AM, Blogger chikuado said...

wow! sounds like a really cool show! will watch from next monday :)


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