Monday, November 21, 2005

From British Council for Women Writers

Got this infrom BC today. I think its a great topic for us to start talking about as well. What are your thoughts?

Put your faith in words
We invite women writers to share their experience of the sacred with us is the British Council's exclusive websitefeaturing South Asian Women Writers. The site aims to create a networkfor women writers and to promote internationally voices that are lessfrequently heard.

If you are a woman living in South Asia, we invite you to prepare a 1500word autobiographical commentary on your experience of your faith /religion. Either a tradition you were born into or one into which youcrossed over. It may be uncomfortably intimate, but we are looking forpatterns of spirituality and interior geography in order to help theprocess of understanding and reconciliation.

What do words like spirituality, higher reality, the divine and so on mean to you?

We would like to emphasise that we are not looking for endorsements of any specific religion.
We also invite non and disbelievers to contribute.

Selected entries will share webspace with senior writers on the website.
Mail all entries to before 31 January 2006


At 11:33 PM, Anonymous S.L.Aishwariya Laxmi said...

Hi Manoj, thanks for the nice things you said about my site. I have added the link to the studentconcepts blogspot site to my blog roll on my page. So people who come to my page might click your site and go to your page.Not that you don't have enough traffic:) , but you might get a different crowd viewing your page.


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