Friday, September 09, 2005


Yes...i was a bit lazy to blog for the last couple of days. And also couldnt find anything interesting to write about.

I wanted to put down my thoughts on a recent newspaper writeup on how Indian parents are too possessive with their kids...even after they have grown into complete adults. As it rightly said "...parents should give their children roots to be proud off and wings to be independent..."

Bumped into my 20 year old encylcopedia collection and read in it, the fact that glass is made from sand. I must have studied this too in school...but over the years, i seemed to have taken it for granted. WoW! Who possibly thought of this? Fine granules of rough sand could be turned into such a useful product. Humans can learn from this to motivate themselves to acheive more in life. There is a saying that goes like, "hardships can either grind you down or polish you up"

StudentConcepts adventure travel got its first two queries for international destinations. One of the groups want to holiday in the amazon forest for 14 days. The other group wanted a 4-day Thailand budget getaway. I am having a lot of fun going through various options and "cooking" a nice package for these guys. I need some help with if anyone out there has a suggestion...let me know.

Hmmm and what else?.....i got this nice email from a student member (Maria Antony) that kinda made my day: "its nice to see many people working with studentconcepts. I wish that this organisation grow like roots of a banyan tree"


At 2:32 PM, Blogger bhargavi said...

Hey manoj

I keep reading your blog, quiet often. But don't have anything to reply. But this topic that u have chosen seems very interesting.

Not all parents are broad minded. ANd they are jsut scared that something mite go wrong somewhere.

And if anything goes wrong children don't realised that its there mistake, they automatically blame their parents, for what happened.

So at both ends its the parents who have to bare the blame.

ANd I very clearly remember Maria Antony . He was such a hardworking guy. and I could always bank on him for emergencies.

He then went to some college in Salem or Trichy for his college.

Incase u send him a mail,,,, give him my regards

And rememeber Rajkumar.. the one who is working in CII. Bumped into him today morning. Both of us stay at the same Apts.

At 5:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bghvi,
yes...i remember rajkumar. I bumped into him at cii i think. They all seem to recognize me....nice to know you remember those students. And yes...parents have a tough and challenging job. I thinks its important to trust and respect your children.
See ya

At 9:18 AM, Blogger stuffynose2 said...

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