Thursday, August 18, 2005

Kanda Naal Mudhal

This is StudentConcepts 4th movie project. Previously we had studentconcepts members do their stuff in Maniratnam's Yuva and Ayidha Ezhuthu and Revathy's Phir Milenge. There was another movie actually made by a very young motion picture student from the USA which still hasnt come out. Anyways, we shall have "KANDA NAAL MUDHAL....." as our 4th.

This is a special movie for us in many ways. First, its directed by PRIYA who worked as the associate director for Maniratnam and looked after us during the shoot of Yuva (along with other asst.directors like Milind, Sudha, Karthik,Abhinav,kiran and Kannan). So when she called us way before she started shooting and told us the story, we were honoured.
Second, this movie features Karthik as the second hero. Karthik is the green shirt guy in the photograph. Karthik and me had spoken to each other way back in 1999-2000 when StudentConcepts had just started. Then we had a better chance to know each other in YUVA. He had also done a role in Maniratnam's ALAIPAYUDHE as the american return graduate. But i truly got to know him and work with him closely when he launched his entertainment company "evam". This is his second movie where he has grabbed a main role after PC Sreerams Vanum Vasupadume(Tamil) shot on High Definition camera. Truly a great guy. We wish him all the best.
Third, the student coordination for this movie was completely managed by Mithun (a student member) who met up with me before the shoot and wanted the completed responsibility. And boy..did he do a great job!! We also wish Preethi (another member) who landed a very important role in the movie. THANK YOU all-you-students for putting up a great show and working those weekends!!!

Do catch the movie in September !!!


At 12:32 PM, Blogger Kanishkaa said...

Karthik is one of my favourite stage actors and he has quite a following.His role in Art by evam is the best by far,according to me.I expected to see him in Biloxi too actually..guess he was busy with the film.I'd love to catch this one.thanks for the reminder!btw, is this Preeti the evam Preeti?!tell me tell me...

At 5:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think his role in ODD COUPLE was the best so far according to me. I personally think he would not have suited any of the roles in Biloxi. Maybe Jimmys part. Sorry to disappoint you, but our preeti isnt the one talked abt here. Ours is into business and management and all. This preeti is a StudentConcepts member. Very hard working. When the movie comes out, we all need to go together.

At 8:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karthick is good!
i thought he is good, before reading u r post, now he seems to be best...
i didnt see vanam vasapadum(didnt have chance, i will see soon) but trailors in tv showed something good abt him. he deserves some BIG PLACE, if u could see him, PLEASE WISH HIM!...
by Barath Kumar


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