Sunday, July 03, 2005


I was begining to get uneasy, as i climbed the stairs to the first floor. It stopped when a door appeared in front of me. As the door opened from the other side, cool air hit me bringing with it the smell of a clinic. Took a deep breath, moved my lips to denote unhappiness and stepped in.

There must have been 20 odd kids in that room. Some were sleeping. The others were being fed. While the others were playing. I have never seen such beautiful children in my life. They ranged from 2 day new borns to 5 months old. Many were in cots. They would jump and make noises to get your attention. Once you went near, they would hug you. Would not let go. Another kid held onto my finger. A huge smile appeared on their faces. I just stood there. Motionless. Choking. So beautiful. So happy.

All the kids were girls.

"This girl here is going to London in 3 months time. And those are twins. We havent found any parents for them yet because we dont want to separate them. This one here might be adopted by a chennai family..but the legal proceedings are taking a bit too long. These kids here will not be adopted by any indian parents because they are handicapped in one way or another. See that new born there...24hrs old..the hosiptal tells us that the mother..a very young girl abandoned her in the hospital within minutes of giving birth there. This corner has 7 new borns. They are all 2 days old and we found them in the railway station, gargage bins and bus stands. They were left there to die in the hot sun."


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