Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Window shopping

I was at Ispahani in the morning. That was the meeting point to pay some students from an old job by the client. I was there at 930. Even the sweepers hadnt arrived. And the students too. Couple of phone calls later, i realize that they are to come at 1030. Aw gawd! What do i do till then? Landmark acrosss the road aint open. The cafe upstairs isnt open. I was tempted to buy that plastic cup coffee sold by the road side. The watchmen were enjoying them. I saw one of them mix supari in it and gulp! MarryBrown fast food was getting cleaned to a loud music of "lajavathiyae.."..checked out some expensive shirts at Indigo Nation thru the window. I remember buying 10 different colored shirts way back in 2000 from here. Saw some cool stereo's in BOSE, a new porcelain blue Baby Krishna in an antique store......and sat tired on the steps only to be yelled to get up by the watchman. I hate these guys. Wont let you do anything. Finally the students came, got paid and i left. Killing time I say...


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