Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Social Responsibility

I have been selected as the Co-CHAIRMAN - EDUCATIONAL of Young Indians(Yi) of the Confederation of Indian Industries. Members are chosen for their contribution to society through their work. So it was kind a cool when they choose me. As a member we get to meet a lot of industrialists, personal development programs, work closely with CII to create plans each year to do our bit for the development dreams of India. During one meeting, I got up, walked over to the white board and made a list of important areas that we Indians need to focus on in the Urban areas:

1. Education
2. City Development
3. Tourism
4. Interaction with Governance
5. Entertainment

I know. I know. You must be think where is agriculture, create manufacture, sports etc. Step by
Step. What do i mean by the above?

1. Change curriculum. Make it interesting.
2. Lets make our city look more beautiful
3. Create more awareness on tourism
4. Work with government in understanding their problems and solutions
5. Ideas to have an event driven city

So i have been given responsibility of 1)... Along with a leading architect in the city.


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