Thursday, June 23, 2005


Had a coffee meeting at Anoki on Chamiers yesterday at 5pm. Went on till 8pm. Some 6 of us were there and we spoke about a lot of things. But one particular discussion caught everyone's interest. And that was this:

There are times when you put in so much effort..heart and soul, for someone. This could be participating in their goal or vision through your inputs, time and effort or it could be doing some chore for someone that you value so much or it could be an assignment that you did to impress someone. And then.... you get totally sidelined / ignored / unappreciated. And that hurts. That pinches. Has this happened to you?

What do you do when this happens? Do you stand up and ask for that appreciation and recognition? Do you keep thinging about "how can they- why did they- didnt i do all this for them" kind of questioning in your mind?

An enlightened person would say "do and dont expect anything in return"....but really..


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