Friday, June 17, 2005

Racial harrasment

I just got an email from a foundation that supports creative arts and culture, talking about the below issue. I thought you all should know...

On May 12, 2005, Rakesh Sharma(acclaimed director) was invited to present his film "Final Solution" in New York at a screening co-organized by Columbia University and New School. As is clear from the sequence of events, the next day, Mr.Sharma was taking street shots of traffic in Manhattan, less than a block away from his hotel, when an NYPD detective accosted him. Even though Mr. Sharma answered each query, produced his identification papers and offered to put the detective in touch with his hosts in New York, he had to face hostile questioning, threats and public humiliation. The detective confiscated his passport, physically pushed him, snatched his camera and among other things said to him: "We know how to deal with you guys, asshole", clearly a racist remark.


At 3:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw this article in the paper today!

On June 5, 2005, Vikram Kapura an indian academic and novelist(Wages of Life) doing his research(PhD in Creative writing) in the UNIVERSITY of ANGLIA, Norwich was attacked by two white men on campus. He sustained multiple injuries. He was left with stitches on the forehead, an inflamed ear and bruises to hands and face. Nothing was stolen and hence the incident seems to have been racially motivated. You can read more about it on 17 June issue of The Hindu on page 14.

Vikram Kapur says "Indian students pay 4 times the tuition fee that domestic students pay and have families sitting thousands of miles away. The Universities that bring them in are only too happy to take their money. They should provide enough security as well"



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