Sunday, June 12, 2005

The purpose

On my way to the airport to pickup someone. As we whizzed down the road, past unknown people..i couldnt think of anything but the question that i have heard a lot of ppl ask...

"what/why/how am i here?" understand that complex question one needs to understand the basic answer. The 2 most important action in a living being's(plants,animals..and humans) life are
1) Nutrition
2) Survival stay healthy and to live....We will need to go thru this everyday and its acquisition is done by what we call work. sounds boring doesnt it...same thing everyday. Thats our purpose? Like any other living being...but we do it a magnificient way. Buildings, transport, bridges, war...just for those 2 main purposes.

But "why" would be the next question? Is that all we really have to do in our 60 odd years on this planet? Some say its to serve God. Some say its to be a better human being. Some say we are the care takers of the world? Is it? Are we? Why do we look to the stars? Should we stare at the horizon? Why do we ask questions of these sort? Is there some programme/purpose in our genes that we have long forgotten? There is one another thing besides the above two.

And thats CREATION. Creativity. The power to conceptualize. The power to dream a task. To set a certain goal besides acquisition of food and security. AND THATS WHAT MAKES US REALLY HUNGRY. THATS WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR. WHAT ELSE CAN I DO WHILE I AM HERE is the real question for WHY AM I HERE? It is through the searching and accomplishing of this dream deep within your heart and brain that makes you understand. Makes you stronger, confident and motivated. And you keep asking that question...forever and ever.


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