Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Prodigy's party

Towards evening, i left for puruswalkam. My friend Rajesh lives there. From now on that is. He's just bought a house. Rajesh is one of the oldest member of StudentConcepts and one of the early backbones. How iam indebted to him for his effort and time with StudentConcepts. He has worked so hard, faced countless difficulties in his life..but kept his cool. And he is doing well for himself now. So naturally i would be the happiest person at the house forming pooja and party. He is my prodigy!! I decided to be there a bit early and surprise. And boy was he surprised!!!

Rajesh: "Manoj!! Hey!!! Why didnt you come in the morning?"
Manoj: "Why?"
Rajesh: "We had the party in the morning"
Manoj: "What? U said 4-7pm!"
Rajesh: "No manoj...4-7am! It was a morning party. And there is no one here now"



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