Friday, June 24, 2005

The Phone Number

While on that topic of embarrassing situations, here is another one from my life. And there are so many more....

I worked for a data entry company as a part time job once. It was a great place to work. It had a 360 degree view of the city, beautiful lavish office with leather work chairs and lots of goodies to eat like expensive chocolates, chips and drinks left by our boss. She would leave it there coz she knew we liked them and that it would motivate us to work harder at 4am. Thats right folks. 4am. Thats when we started work. The job would last just 3hrs. We had to enter all sorts of data (that would be converted into sound) before businessess opened across the country. More than the job, as a young entrepreneur, i saw an opportunity. This was the only company that had this technology. I wanted it for the world. There was a market. There was a product. And there was a phone number. This number belonged to the IT guy who invented it. He was also the major share holder. Very rich. And spent most of his time sailing and drinking wine. We hardly could get to him because of our jealous-chocolate-feeding boss. I knew she had the number. It just so happenes, that her ex-boyfriend, who also worked in our office in the past, was a good friend of mine.

Bingo! He can get the number. Who needs her?
Dialled his number. Ring tone.

Friend : Hello?
Me: Hey dude..wassup....blah blah...
Friend : Is that why you called?
Me: No actually..i need a favour...blah blah (presented a business plan) i was wondering if you could pass me the IT guys number number..considering you worked with him longer?
Friend: Ah yes...i did have his number...written in my diary somewhere...hang on...

wait. waiting. Aah contacts. You need to be well networked and not just educated to get anywhere in life. Waiting. ...

Friend: Dude, Iam sorry. Cant find it.
Me: What?! I need it man..comeon...
Friend: Hang on..i can ask "her" (thats the she-boss) for the number
Me: Really?
Friend: Of course. She will give it to me. Hang on..I will put you on hold.

Ha. Simple again. Its good to have friends who have many girlfriends. Never know when they all can come in handy.

Friend: Hello..manoj..
Me: Yes..iam still here..tell me the number
Friend: She does havent it and..
Me: WHHAAATTT!!?? What do you mean she doesnt have it?
Friend: Ma...<interrupted by me again and again>...noj..wait..i...
Me: That bi$t&h!! She has it. I know it!!. Went thru her diary once!! That liar! Cant believe this!!!
Friend: Manoj! You finished?
Me: Yes!
Friend: Before you interrupted me...i just wanted to tell you that she doesnt have the phone number and she wanted to give you his home number directly. So i put all of us on a conference call. Sorry dude.

C-O-N-F-E-R-E-N-C-E Call!
Like she is on line..right now kinda thing?
Heard everything i said kinda situation?

She-boss : Hello Manoj.
Me: eeeehhhh....

Only if i had those Superman powers now!!


At 12:37 PM, Blogger Chinmayi said...

THIS is not a figment of imagination right? Oor actually I mean This IS a figment of you imagination right?? This didnt happen, right?? If it didnt.. nice writing skills.. if it did.. AWWWWW and a lot of people think you are a wonderful boy!!!! Ahem!

At 5:37 PM, Blogger Saraansh said...



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