Monday, June 13, 2005

Overseas and back home

My sister just got back from her trip overseas. She was selected by the rotary on an exchange program. Her assignment was to experience different cultures in Europe and to discover areas of cooperation between the countries. She is a complete Chennaite and this opportunity was wild for a young person. So she had to visit Finland, Estonia(parts of Russia), Sweden, and Rome. 45 days all paid!! She would live with locals and attend various functions organized by the industries.

Her first trip was to Nokia factory. Didnt know that NOKIA was the name of a place in Finland. And the phone is expensive there since it has a complete monoply. That means NO FREE PHONE giveaways. Grr! Kids are independent by the time they turn 10. They are presented with a mobile phone and a laptop by their parents. You can see the Sun at 1am! People build Sauna'a before they build houses and majority of people uses bicycles to get to work to safe guard environment. Estonia is very proud of their culture and admire old Hindi songs. Rome has Dan Brown's Da Vinci fever all around the vatican. People carry the book it seems rather than maps! Cops wear Gio Armani police uniforms!

Many of the people are surprised and thinks that you are joking if you say you are a vegetarian. Right from breakfast to green salds and cheese, you can expect to find meat. All in all..these countries were extremely clean, disciplined, helpful and beautiful. Many of the locals knew very litle of India except for the fact that it has a billion people and people live on streets. Some viewed it as an emerging super power.

Looking through the photos, I couldnt helping thinking and wishing if we as a city/country can make our place as attractive as these places. It looks possible. Trees, shrubs, flowers, waterways, sculptures etc. I think all the young architects of the city need to come together and take parts of the city and see how they can beautify each suburb, the cost of which shall be borne by residents, governance and industries.


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