Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Orientation

It was Feb 94. Sydney. Was looking forward to my overseas student orientation. It was a beautiful morning. The University looked great with trees lining almost all pathways to lecture halls. Sculputors of steel, stone and wood can be seen on University lawns probably made by PhD students of art. There were people all over the place. All kinds of cloths, all kinds of hair styles and colors. This was DAY 1 of University. I walked into a room near the International Student Office. Took a seat somewhere in the a corner..near the window. Students began to pour in. From malaysia, singapore, fiji, china, indonesia, sri indian. Just me. How cool. 15 minustes later, a lady walks into the room.

She was elegantly dressed. White shirt, cream skirt, cream jacket, pearl necklace, maybe diamond earrings, slightly deep red red lipstick, hair style resembled queen cleopatra, high heeled shoes and smelled of expensive perfume. She got on the stage. Faced us 60-odd overseas students,smiled, scanned the room slowly and started her speech she must have given for years. The do's and the donts. The lectures and the practicals. The jobs and the immigration department. It scared us at times. It made us take down notes. She controlled us. She knew it. And she loved it.

Then her skirt fell down. We sat. Looked at her. Silence. She went red. Must have started to sweat. Gently got down, picked her skirt, bought it to the waist, held it there and continued her talk.


At 11:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like the..'and smelled of expensive perfume' bit..

quite an incident i must say..=)
reminds me of a similar one, when we were watching a school play..was about 12yrs or so, school auditorium...on stage a complete rural set up, rajasthani play, actors dressed in the traditinal attire..ghagra n turbans, with long sticks in hand..
there is this woman , delivering a very long, confident dialogue with i think her husband..and then..
her ghaagra falls down!

long silence....

oops!...i meant his ghaagra falls down!!
heh,precisely!...that was when, the first two rows realises the funni-ness of the situation..
well ,what can i say...


At 12:58 PM, Blogger per4mr said...

what university is this?

At 5:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks anonymous for sharing that incident with us. Got couple of phone calls from friends who shared similar experiences..and no way can they go online! I have been on stage myself and that is one thing i always fear...tripping and falling, forgetting lines (this has happened)...infact i wanted to write this incident June last year! Why? I played SPIRO in evam's death. I had nothing but this pink toga(just about covered by "belongings")..and thru out the 10 days, i feared that it might come off. And everyday when i made the stage entry, i remembered this incident.

At 5:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey per4mr,
I see you are based in Australia as well...deduced it from the Sydney Morning Herald link there.


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