Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Meetings and advice

Met up with Kristina of Campus Today newsletter. I had visited her college years back and done a talk on StudentConcepts and many other things. She told me she got motivated by that and decided she too would go on the entrepreneurial route. And she is 4 issues old now I think. Over coffee, I had a look through the issues and spent a good 2 hrs coming up with ideas to make it better.
1. Content is king
2. Analyse your readers and their tastes regularly
3. No matter what, be consistent with your issues. Create a habit. KEEP PRINTING.
4. Be a shameless promoter of your product.
5. Focus. Go vertical. If you have one product, make it strong before you introduce another.
These were some of the things that I stressed on.

Meetings in the pipeline
1. Marathon preparation
2. Meetup with evam to evaluate more areas of working together(Just completed 2 years of working together)


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