Friday, June 17, 2005

Me Space

ME SPACE is a nice, small little boutique store on CP Ramasamy road. Next to "Cinema Paradiso" DVD store. I liked the stores signage. Very colorful. When i arrived there for the inaugaration, i figured out that i was a bit late. People seemed to have arrived already. Chairs were laid out on the footpath and where bikes are normally parked. I see Cricketeer Kris Srikanth there. Jovial as usual. My friends from theatre, assistant directors of various movies that we have worked with and Siddarth (of Boyz movie fame) all catch up on work and our current projects. Karthik Kumar (evam) also arrived and we as usual started to pull each others legs. I had just spent 15 mins making fun of his gym routine with his dad. Finished the conversation with him on a business note that Michael Muthu (theatre actor and runs Broadwalkers) was wanting to meet up with me. Shortly afterwards, actor Madhavan arrives followed by ribbon cutting, sweet distribution and photographs. The ambience of the little store is nice. Ladies handbags and clothes would have any girl wanting more. Meghna, a young entrpreneur runs the show. We have a couple of StudentConcepts members working there. WE WISH HER ALL THE BEST!! and oh yeah...Check it out when you are in the area.


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