Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Kung Fu Hustle

That just has to be the weirdest movie i have ever seen (saw it with preeti, prashanth and iswar of evam)!! Seriously. If you ever wanna see a "comic book + cartoon + video games + circus + Kung Fu + fantasy" movie....this has got to be the movie. I enjoyed it to the core. Some cool special effects, fast kung fu moves, lots of clowning around, a little of "indian" type masala here and there and you have a great 2 hrs of entertainment served on a plate.
I am thinking of leaving StudentConcepts in the able hands of students and take up a 5-year diploma or something in Kung fu in the Shaolin temples of China. Iam serious.

Kung fu hustle movie website at


At 9:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I TOLD YOU I WASNT KIDDING! If i wanna be a "Shaolin Maastaa" (..thats chinese english for Shaolin Master..) this is what i will have to go thru...

Shaolin Monastery Complex : 40 schools (the largest, Tagou, has 10,000 students)

A 6-person-plus dorm room with a board for a bed, shared facilities.

5a.m :Running.
5:30:in green uniforms, running around the school with the precision of a military drill.
6-7amKung fu practice follows and continues
7am: Breakfast
730-11am :Kung fu basics to more advanced weapons forms,taichi, sparring.

lunch and sleep.
4pm-7pm: Training.

Dinner, rest and continue practicing into the night.

Types of Training:
1. Snapping an iron bar to breaking sticks over their back and arms.
2. Repeated attempts to break a piece of glass by throwing a pin at it.


One-time non-refundable Reservation Fee : $150
One time Admin Fee : $260.
Monthly Tuition Fee : $300.
Monthly Room & Board,meals : $270.
Airport Pickup and drop : $200.

Students who stay at the Academy for one year or longer, and pay annually, up-front, receive a discount.

Costs if paid annually is:
$4,550. for the first year,
$4,050. for the second year,
$3,650. for the third year, $3,350. for the fourth year,
$3,050. for the fifth year.

One month of training at Tagou costs a mere $600, including a private room with TV, air conditioning, and training with a personal coach (short- and long-term stays can be arranged at about $20 per day). Meals can be purchased in the hotel restaurant or any of the many eating places right outside Tagou on the main street. An average meal costs about $1.25.

Note: If a student leaves earlier than the term they have paid for, for any reason other than medically-confirmed ill health, or because of a death in the student's immediate family, 20% of the total fees for the term period will be deemed as earned and paid to the academy.

At 4:33 PM, Blogger Saraansh said...

Ok now I have to see this movie coz the number of people who have recommended it just seems to grow.


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