Sunday, June 12, 2005

Kid and Superman

Superman on Pogo. Disneyland on travel channel. Makes you wanna be a kid again. Actually i would enjoy them better now. As a grown up person you can lose yourself and be a kid again. But as a just be a kid. So i have put disneyland in my set of places to visit sometime in the next 5 years. Now Superman...hmm..maybe i will get the entire collection. There are times when i feel if i could go back in time and change something. Like when i said something mean about a person on the phone only to find out that i was actually in a conference call with the subject tuned in to my remarks. Oh man! Embarassing i tell u. Thats when i remember superman. Like the time when something terrible happens to Lois Lane and superman is heart broken. So he flies out of earth and goes around it in the opposite direction to earths rotation at supersonic speed. So fast that the earth stops rotating and turns the other way. And this has an effect on time as well. Back on earth, everything goes backwards. Back to the past. To a point in time just before Lois gets into trouble. And Superman enters to save another day.


At 1:44 PM, Blogger Kanishkaa said...

Do you mean the show Lois and Clarke-The new adventures of Superman?! I've seen it a few times.It's quite good.They're one heck of a good looking couple..If only they were a couple."Superman for grownups"..that should be the punchline.

At 2:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No way! Not the TV one kanish. Cant stand it. Very "soapy" i thot the TV series. I meant the movie with Christopher Reeves. I think its part 2. There was a special collectors edition printed by DC comics overseas that had Lois and Clarke as a married couple followed by their kid TIGER..i think that was his name. Another issue had Lois getting killed. Another issue had superman getting killed. By who? BATMAN. By that sharp thing that protrudes from his gloves.


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