Thursday, June 09, 2005

A client decided that they would send an important document to us by Speed Post. He is based in Chennai. I could have picked it up on my way to office or something...but i suppose its a part of their business process to use speed post. Anyway, it was dispatched on Friday last week. And iam sitting on Thursday..and yes..u guessed right..i still have not got it. What happened? A bit of
flash back and present tense...

Friday : Parcel sent
Saturday : I dont get it
Sunday: No one works...oops..i did actually..
Monday: Asks client on status. He says he put the wrong post code.
Tuesday: Kilpauk post office says they dont have it
Wednesday: Goes back to Kilpauk poast office. Asks me to check with Greams road. They dont have it.
Thursday: Checks kilpauk, greams rd, Perambur, perambur barracks, choolai and vepery post offices. People i think i work for the post office. I was in blue today too. Grr! Finds out that the parcel has been located in vepery. RUSH TO THE SCENE. Lady tells me that Gopi the postman has taken it for delivery. I say that he cant deliver BECAUSE THE POSTCODE IS WRONG. Tells me to come in the evening during Gopi's tea break to check status.

Honestly...i was appalled by the quality of work and ethics of the people who work at these post
offices. There seems to be the same work code everywhere and here is my list of what i saw...

1. Hate customers
2. Hate each other
3. Tea, Lunch, Tea is very important
4. Throw all letters and documents on the floor
5. Table should be clear of all things at all times. Ignore phone calls.
6. Make sure the glue is atleast 23 years old and must have a maximum of 120000 finger dips.
7. Do not provide tissue paper to clean guey fingers.
8. The delivery van is of national heritage importance. The older the better.
9. Dont tolerate any english speaking individuals
10. Anyone with any query, postone it for tmrw or to another post office

Time for lunch. Then i have a meet at amethyst for a business tieup and need to rush back to post office.
See ya!


At 2:16 PM, Blogger Kanishkaa said...

Hi Manoj!
saw ur comments on my blog.thanks for that, man.i wasn't involved in the production at all.the chorus in the background are Krishna,Megha,Aditya and a couple of others.
That was Kalpana Komal from Bangalore.You should be knowing her..she's acted in plays here.I'm involved in Masquerade's production later this month in Alliance and Cedars.We're doing 4 short comedies and 3 more shows of Oleanna from the 23rd-26th.Do come.I'm expecting the others(evam) to come too provided they're in town.

At 9:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kanish! Hows it going? Yeah i realised that yday at the tech rehearsal. Nice 2 kno u r super busy the nxt couple of months. Keep in touch with this blog! See ya


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