Thursday, June 16, 2005

Bruce Wayne Begins!

Darkness, smoke, fire and cheesy lines from cops!! Thats BATMAN BEGINS the movie for you. When i walked in a bit late to the theatre, BATMAN still hadnt made an entry! 30 MINS LATE MIND YOU!! And thats bad for any super-hero movie.

A leading U.S newspaper quoted "The fight scenes are plagued by fashionable chop-edited close-ups, so it's impossible to discern what's going on until Batman is left standing over the groaning forms of defeated bad guys".

A user on an online forum comments "...near-armies of antagonists conveniently disappear from the script to ease a character's escape from danger".

On a movie portal, the review goes "It seemed to me that Jesus Christ, Batman and Superman have the best known origins of all the superheroes, and that retreading all that tiresome business of young Bruce Wayne discovering a bat filled cave, his parents murdered before his eyes, his decision to become a symbol that criminals would fear would feel like nothing so much as very, very old hat". the other argument is..its about the ORIGIN of Batman. If they wanted to focus on the origin of BATMAN, then this is a poorly made movie. According to my never ending collection of super hero comics, Bruce Wayne spent a lot of time(and thats months and years) mastering his costumes and action moves. In this movie, almost overnight he is a perfect fighter machine. You just cant make an origin that has SPIDERMAN + PHANTOM MENACE + LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN subplots all over the place. The director was fixated with the idea of just showing Batman's lips than the complete form in nice light.

They were better off having the movie focus on the saintly deeds of Wayne Sr. and the turbulent times of young Wayne to him slowly discovering his "symbol" to his invention of the costumes. The movie could have ended with Bruce Wayne putting on the costume and perched on some sky scraper. That would have probably won the oscars, made the new BATMAN fan club understand the "origin" and set a strong foundation for the next series...his showdown with JOKER.

Now for the other important actors:
1. Liam Neeson : Doesnt show any intelligence of a crime boss
2. The girl (the attorney, cant remember her name) : another list of un-needed girl friends
3. Morgan Freeman: puts all the 2 and 2 together for our hero
4. Michael Caine : English butlers can never let you down

Hm. Ok..Iam done. Relax. Breathe. Did i kill the movie enough? I gotta say something nice..

Fortunately, the film's cruddy action sequences and over-reliance on fireballs and explosions do not diminish the rock-hard depiction of its central character. I must say that whatever i could see of BATMAN, Christian Bale who plays the character has the underlying current, dark emotions and steely eyes. He is a much better Bruce Wayne.

As BATMAN says something like this in the movie "Its not what iam underneath thats important. Its what i do that defines me". So I hope he does well in the next series of B-A-A-T-M-A-A-A-A-N.

I watched the movie with another blogger. Read Saaransh's blog. And his views are different.


At 10:44 AM, Blogger Saraansh said...

As the last line in your post says, its not what the movie is underneath that defines it but what it does.That should answer most of your questions.

At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm.wise guy eh? Series like Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Star Wars, Mission Impossible, James Bond, Lord of the rings always has expectations. Each one needs to out do the other. For Batman, even if i forget all the past movies, tv series and cartoons..and compared it to just the comic book..i wasnt impressed. If you are a hard core fan you will feel the disappointment. I still think the movie should have been "Batman Begins - Journey of Bruce Wayne"...make it like "Sixth Sense" format of darkness and eeriness..and introduce Batman in the last 5 minutes with a great symphony. That would have been awesome!! In a series, its always the first and second that will decide the popularity. So..yeah..i will give Dark Mask Detective a second chance. And i hope we dont have Robin in that series. Or batgirl!

At 12:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

god who said you could write reviews eh?

was that the first movie you ever saw or something?


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