Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Back at home and reading a scientific article on "Sand" and its properties. Just then, my mother walks in and says that i need to call this number 4646, take part in a quiz and we could win Rupees 1 lakh. She was all excited. If there is anyone in the world on whom TV advertisements can have a profound effect, its mum. From the Tata cooking salt to Idhyam oil to popyumbrellas, the ad companies have done their job. Anyways, "I am not interested", i said curtly and continued reading on the composition of sand granules. She closed the door silently and went away.

I hate when that happens. I would have loved it, if she had stood her ground. Gives me a chance to argue and advice and make a point and all. But if you silently close the door, walk away and sits on the corner sofa hypnotizing the indoor plant, then you feel guilty. All the old memories of your school food preparation, parents-teachers meeting where your mum vouched for you to borrowing money from dad for her son, flashes like a typical dharmendra movie and you choke and say in his voice, "M-a-a.."...

I dialled the number and was greeted by the airtel ringtone. Then there was a voice.
"Hello. This is Madan"
Said something in Tamil.
"Say Hello Madan.."
Said it. And the quiz started.

Mum and i participated 3 times. Tamil songs, movies and gossips were the questions. We answered some. We got some wrong. We laughed. We blamed each other. 45 mins on the phone answering to a recorded voice! We didnt get to win the 1 lac. But we had a good time. And that i shall save it for a long long time.


At 3:19 PM, Blogger Saraansh said...

Well done Manoj and I know what it feels like when they just close the door silently and goo away.

The other day mum wanted me to go buy a medicine at 11 in the night and I was tired from work.She asked me if I could go and I didn't say anything and so she said Ok I will go and quitely walked away.I could not stand that she did not say anything.So I got up and went and bought the medicines and slept better I must add.

At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well! its only 'mum's who have that effect!

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