Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The month that was....

Its been a long time since i have posted an article! Been a crazy month that feb. We were packed for all the 28 days! So what did we do...

1. Evams Barefoot in the park theatre production kept us busy with all the promotional and backend work. Would like to thank Karuna, Vaishanvi, Vijay, Balaji, Karthik on working hard for the evam project. Well done. 3 months of hard work! Not just them..but the entire crew (non-studentconcepts members) and cast. Very well done! Keep up the good work and looking forward to a busy JUNE with their next couple of plays then. We (actually me) a cool Landmark gift voucher from Preethi (Evam management). Within couple of hours spent it on books. Thanks guys!

2. Prithvi theatre and Magic Lantern's FOOTSBARN was another project that we handled. Mithun, Nithya and others coordinated the audience seating and some pre-event work. They had a great time..and so did the client.

3. British Coucil and Prakriti Foundation's Susheela Raman in Concert was a looooonnnggg promo work for almost a month. Promo work at retail outlets, colleges, picking artists from airports and train station, event management by 10 students were exhilirating. Shreesha, Sagarika,Somiyah,Karthik,hitesh and many more did a great job. The artists from UK were incredibly talented and kept the packed theatre on their feet.

4. NGO RASA did a 2 day event at Chinmaya which featured theatre works, music and dance. Again it was a busy weekend. Pradeep and Sagarika were the heroes with their leadership roles. Superb!

5. Thanks to our student members in hyderabad who looked after me while i was there. Thanks Bharat Reddy and friends. Taking me to all the major hangouts, boating, trying out some hot biriyani to watching THE POLAR EXPRESS in 3D in IMAX!!!! Learned a lot about hospitality from you...

6. Work has started on our annual himalayan trip HEAT 2005

HEAT 2005
Trekking in the Himalayas8th International Himalayan Environment & Adventure Trek
Where:Talang Pass (4643Mt) TrailDhauladhar Himalayan Range,District Chamba Via Dalhousie & KhajjiarHimachal Pradesh

When:May 2005
Duration10 Days / 9 Nights

Cost (Ex-Delhi)Rs.6000 + tax (per person)Includes- shared accommodation in tents during trek- meals- Camping and trekking equipments- Guides

StudentConcepts Adventure TravelPh: 52147156, 52036602

7. Vignesh and Kamal of Hypergistics are working on our new website. Cant wait for it to be online. Will take another month or so.......patience...

Thats all people !! Many of you were supposed to send me articles that i can post on the StudentConcepts blog!!! Where are they??


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