Thursday, February 03, 2005

What happened to me?

Manoj Kumar
CEO and Co-Founder, StudentConcepts
Member, Young Indians, (Confederation Of Indian Industries)
Vice-President, Australian Alumni Association

A day or so back, i was returning home for lunch. I live in Kellys. As itook a blind turn in my first gear, a motorcycle on the left sped past meand applied sudden brakes to avoid collision with a car in the front. Sincehe was very close to my car and even after applying my brakes, i hit theback side of the motorbike...somewhere near the number plate. I could notbelieve it. How can he come so fast and make a sharp turn to my side in ablind turn? Anyway...i decided that i would deal the situation calmly andthat mistakes can happen. Thats why they are called accidents. I drove tohis parked bike. He was seated on hisblack bike. He was looking at the back of the vehicle checking for damages.

Me: "I am very sorry. But I think you should be a little more slow..and notcome so fast on the path of oncoming traffic...especially when someonesturning"...i said in broken tamil but mainly English but polite.
Him: " What?..come out and pay for damages"..he said curtly
Me: " Damages? But we need to know whose mistakes it is"

As i said this, i moved the car forward as i didnt want to block traffic andi thought it was better to park near the pavement.He mistook it as a sign ofme wanting to escape from the situation. He got extremely angry. He said hewas a police man and tried to pull out something from the thesame time, he plunged himself through the window from his bike and tried toremove my car keys. He managed to turn it off. I was shocked. In thisprocess, i just took my handsfrom the steering wheel and pushed myself back.

Me: "hey..please..dont worry..iam only parking by the side..i dont want toblock traffic..."..i said calmly

I could see him park his bike on the stands furiously as i parked. I got outof the car. I took my mobile and car keys with me. I approached him. Oncenext to him..

Me: "Dont worry...we can solve this problem. Accidents happens. Dontpanic"..i made him understand
Him: "You speak tamil, hindi?" he asked in a disgusting toneMe: "Mainly english..but i will try in tamil also"..

I then proceeded to explain what had happened and replayed the situation tohim. He cut me half way and said that i should come with him to the nearestservice station and pay and fix the damages to the bike.

Me: "But we need to know whose fault it is first. I want to see the damagesas well. Maybe call the traffic police.."
Him: "I am the Police...and pay for the damages"..he said again..."Show meyour license"..

As i took my wallet out to pull out my license....i said "Can i see yourstoo? Id?"

He pulled out a laminated card from his shirt pocket which displayed in bold"Tamil Nadu Police"
He put that back into his pocket...then without warning he struck a blow onmy face.The blow was so strong, that my spectacles broke on my face and was hurledcouple of meters from where I stood. I also fell against the wall that hadmovie posters. I could not open my eyes and i kept seeing some kind ofbursts of lights in front of my closed eyes. My face felt numb. He struck another blow on my head and i moved away from the wall. I could not seewhere i was moving to. I was yelling with pain. I heard him come closer andhe struck another blow that was as intense as before and i fell on the road.I curled myself on the road covering my head. The road was hot and I beganto inhale dust in my heaving breathing. By now i was crying. Very hard.Tears rolled down my eyes.I promised myslef that i would not hit him back ashe was part of the police force and i should respect that. He landed anotherblow and i tried to cawl near the tyre of a parked car for protection. Noone was helping me. It was a road of heavy traffic and pedestrians. Theymust have been watching. I managed to get up and scream for help. At thatpoint, he retreated, got on his bike and left. I managed to pull my mobilephone and dial my friends number. My whole body was shaking and tears rolleddown my eyes uncontrollably.

I could not believe it. A person who is supposed to uphold Law and Orderjust beat me in public at peak noon all because i didnt follow whathe asked me to do blindly. I believe i was right in my approach. I neverabused him. I never spoke rudely about him...yet he had the power to strikeme.

Why am i writing this to all of you? Because i think you all should know. Itcan happen to you or your closed one.WHAT DO YOU DO IN SUCH A SITUATION?You feel so lonely..because..who else is there above Police? They aresupposed to protect! I still cant get over what happned and the incidentkeeps replaying in my head. I have lodged a complaint and lets see if theydo find the person and give me an appropriate answer for the situation.

I think our ignorance of situations such as these will get us or our countryno where. We need to fight for what leaders like Gandhi and Martin Luther King fought for..."Human Dignity"...its not just the right to speech orright to religion..but also right to understanding, right to compassion,right for a fair-go. I havecertain basic rights as an individual and it should be respected. I have notcaused a huge traffic offense or killed someone for me to be brutally attacked on the road. Where has our city and country come to?

Do you all think about this? Probably not. Till it hits you in the face.
Manoj Kumar


At 11:07 PM, Blogger Jagannath said...


This is really a disgusting and fearsome face of our country.

The political system is completely rotten at its roots. The policing system is crippled at the bottom. Corruption has become an unwritten law. Judiciay gives verdicts after a century.

What are the causes for this situation: irresponsible leaders ?? complacent people ?? misguided youths ?? fear ??

we, the youth of the country, are busy running madly behind money. If any educated person tells that he would go into politics, the society would advice him to choose a better alternative. So culprits and gang leaders file nomination papers and we watch them with our jaws dropping.

We don't want to run our own country.
We consider voting as a waste of time.
We are always in the hands of Fear.
We workship money as our god.
We see films as our bible.
We always think of a good career for us and not a good future for our country.
We forget that we are the kings and then keep the crown in someone's head.
We take things lightly.
We write pages and talk for hours about our problems but do nothing about them.

and HOW CAN WE expect SELF-RESPECT in this kind of situation ????

If this is how India continues.. a stage will come when no one will complain of a blow from a police man.... they would take it with a smile...... because self-respect will mean nothing at that time....

Industrial and Corporate sector is the backbone of the country.... but backbone is not the only part of the body........

I'm just trying to say that our future lies in our hands and we are the only one responsible for the situation around us. We should not complain but act fast and firm.

If i'm so harsh let me know.... and plz.. reply with some advice...

SUO Jagannath.A.
IIIyr Mech. Engg.
Anna University.

At 12:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey jagannath,
manoj here.

nice to read your post. I can see that you are concerned abt what is happening in our country as well. If India is to head anywhere near development whether it be business, infrastructure, education...then the government, the corporates and the public needs to work together. They need to have goals.

Its about time our country utilized its potential in the area of medicine, tourism, entertainment, Informational tech, telecommn, education, agriculture, manufacturing, automobiles etc etc. We are utilizing only our 10%.

The youth/student community definetly have a huge role to play. 54% of the population is us! India belongs to you and me and all the others in this age group. But i suppose, as long as we are all happy with our personal material gain, who really cares about the progress of the country.

God help us all!

At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Kartik Talamadupula said...


I can see you have a wonderful point there ... I'm saddened that you had to endure the pain for the while that it probably was, but you have set a wonderful example for all of us, and by posting this on the blog, you have only helped in further spreading this message. I hope you've made a recovery; also, I very much agree with than sentiment expressed by you in the last line - it in essence defines what runs today: you don't feel it until it hits you in the face; ironic, but let's "face" it, that's the way it is ... we should try to make a difference shouldn't we all? How, is the question ... there's absolutely NO point bring overtly cynical, nor apathetic as you mention ... what is the way forward? Interesting question ... ?

At 8:02 PM, Blogger chikuado said...

it's disgusting. that's what it is. downright disgusting. how the hell can he, even if he is the "tamil nadu police" do something like that? in any case, here's a titbit. call 103 from any phone immediately. it's the police control room, and so far they have been very, very helpful. i know it sounds dumb when the person hitting u is in the police, but it's worth a try. people shudn't be getting away with this. i'm hot, angry, and totally disgusted.


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