Sunday, December 12, 2004

Testimonials from The Other Festival work 2004

Deccan Herald, Sunday, December 12, 2004
Sunday Heralad Art and Culture

The organisation of ‘The Other Festival’ has always been superb. The hospitality, the arrangements for accommodation, transportation for artists, the choice of the venue and the artistic arrangements on stage and even the ushering of visitors to the venue have always been of a high standard. They already have the support of the students through an organisation, ‘StudentConcepts’ who help them with the nitty-gritty details of the organisation such as ushering, transportation, receiving of guests, their accommodation etc.

Fun, frolic and contemplation
The Hindu
Friday, Dec 10, 2004
By Chitra Mahesh
It must be mentioned that the entire festival would not have been the way it was without the effervescent presence of the volunteers from StudentConcepts just as the technical support (C. P. Satyajit). Both the Arangam Trust and the Prakriti Foundation with all their members made the event warmly personal and interactive enough for you to want to go back the next year.

13 December 2004
Dear Anita and Ranvir,It was a privilege to be a part of The Park's THE OTHER FESTIVAL. There are so many things that I'm grateful for. You took such good care ofme from the big things to the little details, from your excellent staff, your car and driver, the wonderful StudentConcepts people, arranging my stay with the most gracious hosts, Bamini and Narayanan, the fabulous Park Hotel, tea and Cookie Man cookies during the workshop, etc, etc. I was really challenged by the Workshop and enjoyed working with the dancers. I learned a lot too. The photo they gave me is priceless and a wonderful memento of my visit to India. Thank-you for inviting me to come. Congratulations to you, your entire team on an amazing Festival. I hope we'll meet again soon.
All the best,
Denise Fujiwara

December 12, 2004
It was a pleasure to perform at The Park’s THE OTHER FESTIVAL, celebrated from December 1–7, 2004. We should be thankfull to you for your hospitality and your support and for inviting us to perform at your prestigious event. The volunteers of StudentConcepts did an excellent job.
Thanking you once again.
Warm regards,
DNYANESH MADGAVKAR (for out of context)


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