Saturday, October 02, 2004

On a lazy Sunday afternoon

By Aishwariya Laxmi

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I sat bored and restless. The summer heat had enveloped Chennai in a murky yellow haze.I turned on the television set. A beautiful mermaid, looking very much like the pale sea creature she was, washed to the shore, to the background of a lively tune. I really liked that video. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. I could see ruffles of peacock silk and tiny rose buds sewn on to shimmery ethereal fabric. Wispy threads of gold, and sequins and little mirrors decorated my dream as embroidered parrots with the faintest suggestion of pistachio swirled around me beckoning me to a world that I was wont to enter.

I stepped into an enchanting green meadow, and was fascinated with the shift and play of light through the trees. There was an intricate pattern through the foliage on the grass and a flock of parrots, jewel green chattered and shrieked elated. The towering regal trees guided me to the deepest parts of the woods where I went to, unfettered by inhibition or instinct.

I spent hours stringing necklaces of seed pods and tickled my feet with long blades of green grass that grew lush and untamed. I tapped anthers dripping with pollen and they spilled onto my face and hair, looking like gold dust. Suddenly I felt a soft thud on my back. I opened my eyes lazily to find my ginger golden cat using me as his cushion. I realised I had just had an adventure, albeit in my mind and was glad for the brief respite from the sullen brooding heat.


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