Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Meeting old members

We have been bumping into old StudentConcepts members over the last couple of days...

1. Ganesh..a student from an engineering college had visited our office in 2001 and had volunteered to assist a team of 60 students who wanted to raise assistance for the victims of the Gujarat Earthquake. The entire team worked extremely hard towards this task. And then we lost touch. But the chance meeting at a cafe got us back again. He has graduated and is now working with the Sterling Group and handles Barista cafe.

2. Divya had joined us in 2000 and was involved in a wide variety of work in the initial stages of StudentConcepts. She was there for a good year and again due to higher education etc, we lost touch. Met her again at a cafe and she is now working as an assistant movie director to acclaimed director Gautham Menon!

Nice to meet you guys after so long!!! Keep in touch!


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