Saturday, October 09, 2004

From Esquire Magazine, January 2004

Jack Nicholson, 66
1. I'd prefer if people had ni impressions of me. As a kid, I had to tell my own family, "Please,don't just talk about me!" Because they always got it wrong. Always. I just didn't want them to tell anyone anything about me. God knew, they had a great opinion and they loved me and meant well, but it was like, please, you don't have this right. You know what I mean?

2. I think the Greeks invented sports as an antidote to philosophy. In sports there are absolute rules.

Christopher Reeve, 51
1. Religion? Abe Lincoln put it very simply in 1860: " When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad"

2. Superman is a big fish in a small pond. He's Superman on Earth only because he's in a different solay system. If he'd grown up on Krypton, if it hadnt been destroyed, he would have been average-nothing special about him.

3. If you came back here in ten years, I expect that I'd walk to the door to greet you.

Lynda Carter, 52
Men are about hierarchy. They walk into a room, figure out who the top dog is, and then see where they stand in relation to everyone else. Women are about community. They walk into a room and look to see who they know, who they can bring together.

Adam West, 75
Wisdom is knowing when to shut the f*** up.

Lauren Hutton, 60
1. You know how Ronald Reagen became president? For 10 years on TV, he opened the door to GE refrigerator full of food.

2. I was 13 when rock 'n' roll started. I was 18 when birth control came over the counter. I was 21 when you could get acid that was real, not strychnine, post-Timothy Leary crap. I had a lucky birthdate.

Jack Black, 34 and Kyle Gass, 43
K: We've got to talk about global warming. This is really catastrophic that some of these island countries are just disappearing because of the ice caps melt and the water keeps rising and there goes these islands in the Pacific. I think the fish are gonna be really creepy when it gets warm. Warm Fish!

J: Ewwwwwwww! Dude, if global warming goes the way you're saying, all that might be left are octopi. Planet of the Octopi!

George Foreman, 54
1.Evil lurkes where disappointment lodges.

2. Changing your nature is the hardest thing to do. But I have discovered that you can be who you choose to be.

3. The first thing that came to my mind when i signed the grill contract for $137.5 million was, I am going to make my sisters millionaires. After all these years, they are finally going to be millionaires. And they did become millionaires-with the same old troubles as everybody

4. My mother used to tell me, "You live and learn. Then you die and forget it all."

Muhammad Ali, 61
1. God will not place a burden on a man's shoulders knowing that he cannot carry it.

2. I came back to Louisville after the Olympics with my shiny gold medal. Went into a lunchenette where black folks couldn't eat. Thought I'd put them on the spot. I sat down and asked for a meal. The Olympic champion wearing his gold medal. They said, "We don't serve niggers here."I said, "Thats okay, I don't eat'em".
But they put me out in the street. So i went down to the river, the Ohio River, and threw my gold medal in it. Since that day, things in America have changed 100 percent.

3. When you're right, nobody remembers. When you're wrong, nobody forgets.

4. Wisdom is knowing when you can't be wise.

Joe Frazier, 59
1.Had my own car at 12 years old. Left school in the 10th grade. Married when i was 16. Ain't hard to figure out; i was a man at a very young age.

2. I had my Olympic gold medal cut up into 11 pieces. Gave all eleven of my kids a piece. It'll come together again when they put me down.

Donald Trump, 57
Going through tough times is a wonderful thing, and everybody should try it. Once.

Jack Welch, 68
Its during the worst of times that things get fixed.

Bob Lutz, 71
1.Death? So many people of modest intelligence have done it so successfully-it cant be that hard.
2. Percentage of Idiots remain constant.

Robert De Niro
I like it when interviews are brief. Are we done yet?


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