Friday, October 22, 2004

Email from Rajesh

How are you..?How is work going there..?
I am fine..doing good,When I was working with you, I was thinking about the belief and trust u had in is unforgettable...and i know then...that someday, i m gonna mail u from some other dream has come mailing you from Tokyo,...iam working for one of the leading bank in Japan in the area of testing their e-banking application. And, I am sure, i will achieve more in the future thru the confidence u have given me...

Thank you so much, for your support manoj,Learnt a lot at StudentConcepts,Will keep the spirit up, by suggesting that more young people be independent and do part-time jobs while at college...whatever job it give out their best..I wish your dream comes true....very soon...its near, its not too far away from best regards and wishes will always be there, wherever I am.Proud to be a StudentConceptian..

-Rajesh V


At 2:31 AM, Blogger Jan said...

I like these kind of stories. This development works probably, however not the entire population can be send abroad. People in India should be helped with education too.


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