Thursday, October 07, 2004

British Council event

Containing more than 700 entries and 250 illustrations, this comprehensive reference tool offers coverage for all of Indian theater, in its various regional languages. The entries focus on topics such as censorship, criticism, architecture, acting, festivals, lighting, mime, individual groups or companies, and genres. The book covers 2000 years of Indian theatre and took 7 years to compile all the info.

We felt privileged when British Council invited us to the launch of the above book by Shri Kamal Haasan. When we arrived there, the who's who of the city were there. It was at the courtyard and the evening would also have 15 minute theatre performances by Madras Players, Kattaikuttu Sangam, MTC Productions and Koothu-P-Pattarai. It was a great evening of talent exhibition. But the highlight have to Kamal.

He just walked into the court yard like anyone else. Dressed in a white short kurta, jeans and sandals..he looked in his late 40's!!! Isnt he around 60 years old? He had great personality and was very comfortable with the whole proceedings. He said that stage is a stepping stone to many great actors. And that he was surprised to see his own name in the book. He felt this because he said he learned his basics in Cinema, then jumped into theatre and back to cinema again. He was like a tourist in a country of theatre with passport problems.

The show wrapped up around 7:50pm and we could not manage to have a look at the book since everybody ran to the book counter. Highlight of the show personaly was meeting up with Praveena..a very old StudentConcepts member! Welcome back to Chennai Praveena!

While we are on the topic of British Council, please check out NEWS YOU CAN USE section for info on Digital Film Festival this Sunday.


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