Thursday, October 14, 2004

Bride and Prejudice

What could it be? After the success of Baajji on the Beach and Bend It Like Beckam, Gurinder Chadda decided a Bollywood film would make her cool and sought after in India. So it has to have a Bollywood feel. And that means tons of music, dance to compliment them, a heroine, a guy who will want her badly, a villian, strict parents, nice locations and must have a happy ending. Right? Right!

A family in Amritsar. Understanding dad, Tough mother. 4 daughters to get married off. Huge house. Car, servants the work. Some rich British-Indian dude attends a lavish wedding with his sister and best American friend. Eye contacts here and there among a few million guests and its love at first sight. American dude with Aishwarya Rai. Brit-Indian falls for Ash sister. The villian falls for Ash another sister. That leaves the fourth. We have no idea cause the director couldnt find anyone for her. Anyways, they dance and sing everywhere. Misunderstanding also happens. But then thats love. Finally they all come together. And yes..they lived happily ever after.

Verdict: Bad.

The director seems to have been carried away by Aishwarya Rai and her fame. A lot of attention was paid to her. There was no electrifying romantic feel between the hero and the heroine. They just didnt suit each other. Many felt that Ash was trying too hard to get a very American and sometimes British accent. The music was in English with a indian rhythm. Nobody enjoyed it.

The theatre was filled with people booing and walking away. The only highlight of the film was the humor provided by this Indian who drops in from USA to find a suitable indian wife. One thing common in all of Chaddas film is that its all based on Indians with a connection to the west. They are all from Punjab. The mother is the toughest and always looking to getting their daughters married off. Its always girl child based. The dad is always the most understanding.

Went to watch with a lot of expectations but came back irritated.


At 4:33 PM, Blogger Merlin said...

Lol....manoj...i know u went there to ogle at Aish....n u got that didnt..u....


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