Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Would you say that the youth have changed?

And why?
Hmm..the Internet?..Cable?
Okay, before this begins to sound like an age old cliched argument straight out a high school debate topic, lets take a look at what this change involves.
Everyone knows more.
Everyone wants more.
That's right, communication in all-caps.
Suddenly theres a billion more things to do, to see, to be.
Does that go for India.
I think the change is greatest in India.
And is this change reflected in the economy?
Oh yes. About 400,000 crores worth of change.
More than an increase in youth purchasing power, it is their ability to influence the purchase of goods and services in their families. Who told your parents what PC to buy? You did.
Congratulations. In just a day, you have contributed Rs.45,000/- to the Indian Economy.
Young people today are more diverse, more multifaceted, more informed than at any time in our gloriously checkered past. As a result, we've seen a whopping rise in the overall Indian Economy.
I shit you not 'new youth', no 'new economy'.

So why are we changing?
We've discussed this before....the internet, cable..No.These things are mere catalysts. Only 50 percent of the entire chemical reaction.
Like the old proverb says " You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him think."
The Indian Youth have a predilection to change, a predilection towards......................
Whoo that's scary.
No DK is not about wanting to build a bomb or skin the neighbour's cat alive.
It is any event, action or stimulus that causes you to change your life.
To furnish you with an example.....i've always wanted to be a nuclear physicist. Then i saw "Star Wars". Suddenly i wanted to be a jedi knight and one with the universe. I joined karate classes, began to meditate and started swinging my tubelight around. That's Disruptive Knowledge.
Today i want to be a world champion surfer, the most formidable fast bowler, one heck'uva pilot, an artist, hell, a trapeze artist, a mountain climber, agent mulder, king of kings and cock of the rock.
That's because today Disruptive Knowledge is everywhere. Something is waiting to change your life on the next channel or the next window. Life is now larger than life itself.
So why my saffron smeared saint, do you look so unhappy?
These new times oh, lord, they're not good for the youth...these western influences, the akshunts, the hyundai accents, the jeans, the sex, drugs and rock n' roll. This is no Indian Youth. He's a copy, a mimic, a pale shadow, "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing"...and without identity.
That's deep man.
but I beg to differ.
Our essence is always indian. Look around you.
Indian food still lines the stomach.
Hinglish is in.
Regional music is more popular than ever.
MTV beams out of an Indian Studio
Ethnic clothes, incense, pranic healing and Zakir hussain soothe the savage beast.
We celebrate Diwali
Most of us watch Indian cinema...and love it.
Mcdonalds mai hai kuch baath, jo chaaho ho jaye, and ye dil maange more.
We love our parents.

And we, we're suckers for the big DK. Why us? Because most of us have stable, wholesome "tiffen saapte ponge maa" lives at home. We crave change, any difference, any sort of mental crop rotation.But our foundations are emotionally stable, more than the countries from which all kinda of DK sprout. And unlike their mixed up, angst ridden youth, we can handle DK better than most.We can balance a late night rain dance with a poonal ceremony at 5.30 in the morning with consummate ease. Just as quickly as we can be western, we can be Indian.

Now where is these kurta wearing, rave loving burger-dosai fusion freaks going to be in 5 years time?
They will be empowered.
Sorry. That's EMPOWERED.

v. tr. em•pow•ered, em•pow•er•ing, em•pow•ers.
To invest with power, especially legal power or official authority

Young people are more informed and more mature. They make their own direction, plan their own vision and create their own dreams. They have more say. In 5 years time, there will be student lobbies, representations in government and society, coherent organised bodies that contribute tangibly to society as responsible members of the community.
And this empowered new youth is going to need to be catered to.
Because he's a piece of the 400,000 crore pie.
Plus it's going to be a lot of fun.

Did someone say StudentConcepts?

What the youth today need is a body, an institution that initiates and satisfies their thirst for Disruptive Knowledge. A tool that channels this knowledge for the benefit of whoever needs it. Remember, in this enlightened age of individuality, Disruptive Knowledge can take any form. What's life altering to you may be downright boring for me. But that's cool, because at StudentConcepts, we will identify and cater to whatever does it for you

Arjun M and friends


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