Wednesday, September 22, 2004

What is real?

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Good question. A really long time ago, the philosopher x... asked, "When you call a chestnut tree a chestnut tree, what exactly do you call a chestnut tree? The form of the tree that you can see and touch, a brach of the tree or just a leaf, or something else that none of us can either see or touch? Where lies the chestnutness of the chestnut tree?"

What is real? Is is that only the objects that can be perceived by our senses(sight, sound, taste, touch and smell) should be considered real? What about our thoughts? Our memories? Are they real? What do we mean when we say, "I just REALISED" something?(i just realised that im a genius; so does that make me one?)

Now heres a really scary thought- We are all smug in our assumption that we are real people living in the real world. What if its not true? What if we are only part of a dream of a stupid specie far away taking a nap in ITS REAL WORLD? And when it wakes up, we'd all disappear in a nanosecond; in a POOF.

Ayn Rand said that art is a "re-creation of reality according to an artist's metaphysical value-judgements."(By the way, Ayn Rand shares my birthday) Okay, a writer creates a wholly separate world in his book,that we perceive as 'fiction'.But the characters- men and women- live THEIR real life in what is to them, THEIR real world. So, from their point of view, they are real, right?

What if we are all only bits of an artist's creative work- characters in a movie, in a play, or a book, and will cease to exist (the lifechord fatally and abruptly cut) when the lights come back on, or the curtain falls(screen comes quivering down/curtain falls quiveringly down) or the last page is flipped over?

So, is that artist the one we call God? Then, what if god himself is only a character in somebody else's fiction?(my conclusion- i write fiction so iam God)


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