Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Wait

By S Raghunathan

I sit hunched up and I watch
the lights intently, time passes slowly
and I wait…
The cars lay below me, their engines
purring, their bodies tense as though
they are ready to pounce; it turns green
and I hear muted swearing, outdone
by the horns honking, blaring, the fists
balled striking the air a left hook an uppercut
and a punch the hoarse voices mute down as
I see what I was waiting for… sunset.

The glow bounces off the gleaming backs of these
monsters and I watch my horizons lighten in a row,
I can hear them coming and I see their unblinking
eyes, it is green once more but in the darkness
I can only hear, I wait for I can feel it coming,
in my bones I watch it, a sunrise as
spectacular as the previous day but
don’t trouble me, I have to wait for sunset…


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