Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Sunset

By Rohan Venkatesh
Based on the African Starvation Crisis

Millions of children lying naked on the streets,
Cold and hungry, they burst out with painstaking cries.
Trembling and shivering drenched in sleet,
letting their destiny cruise away, hovering above life and death.
The throbbing hearts of their parents, shrouded with agony,
Had run out of options except to watch their buds,
Crushed in the voluntary hands of fate.
People of the world were left flabbergasted gut nothing more than that.
Resting upon their backs, they viewed the demise.

But when questioned about their opinion,
"Poor unfortunate children", they theorized, but did not realize,
That they have rubbed a smile of many a child.
Condolences will rise,
but will fail to put out the fire blazing in the souls of those such as I.
Not one, but the wall of contempt has engulfed one and all.
It might be we who provoked it, but it is they who suffered.


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