Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Sunday Grand Prix

Amir A, Malaysia

Went to the Grand Prix last Sunday. Most of my time was spent looking at the screens.

We got a place at the starting grid. Not having attended any motorsports event, I was of the opinion that ear plugs are for wusses! Well, the ear plugs were not effective. As soon as the lights turned green shoving my fingers in my ear worked better!

After that, we just watched the cars go round and round, mostly on screens. The cars only passed in front of me within a second.

What's the worst part? Parking! Surprisingly, the corporate suites do not come with a parking pass. Yup ... despite the thousands that each ticket cost. So yours truly was among the unfortunate ones who were denied entry at the parking lots. Where do I get parking tickets? I just missed it. It was 5 kms back! There were signs for F1 tickets. How am I suppose to know all this? I've already got tickets so I didn't check it out. Why they don't charge parking at the respective entry points is beyond me. I finally parked by the road side and had to track for 5kms under the mid day sun to the grand stands.

This would probably be my last time but should my boss get generous again, I might just go being the cheap guy that I am.

I spent hundreds for Woodstock 99 and stood under the summer sun for 3 straight days. That's for the music but to watch cars go round and round ... not my cup of tea. Besides, you get to see more women in a rock concert.


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