Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Sea

By Anita S

Once you yawned too
wide and the sky
fell out your mouth

An incompetent dentist
pried open your mouth,
plucked a perfectly good
tooth and flung it across
the Horizon - it splattered
against the sky and
became the moon

You flick your nasty
two million tongues,
trying to curl around
my feet and pull me
down - you cannot swallow
me, I'll swim back

We steal your voice
in tiny shells and think
We've captured you. But
Nothing can match the
magnificence of your
salty, sandpaper voice

We name you Different
Names, put puny ships
on you and build a
lighthouse, and think
We've conquered you.
But you win every time:
washed boards and
lost treasures.


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