Saturday, September 11, 2004

Saturday Interviews

Today.....another saturday. And saturday is when we have our interviews.It starts at 10:30am in our office. All the students who wish to be a part of StudentConcepts especially for part time jobs need to meet up with us. Its important that students know who we are and for us to know who they are. There were about 20 students this morning. From all major colleges.

Many wanted to work because:
- pocket money
- use time properly
- get experience
- meet people
- improve communication skills

One of the interesting discussions that happen in the interviews is when students put forward their views on what they want. Like what?

1) Better colleges.
- 8:00am to midnight well equipped libraries
- more computers for browsing
- better classrooms with more emphasis on audio visual teaching, happy and successful lecturers, updated text books, better labs
- cool canteen
- more sporting facilities
- counseling facilities

2) City
- wider foot paths
- less vehicle horns
- less fast and heavy vehicles
- more road side cafes and restaurants
- better beaches
- Garbage bins every 50 metres
- better looking buildings
- a long street that just focuses on food stalls, music, carnivals, drama

3) Country, Politics
- must be strong and world leader in the field of Medicine, Information Technology, Sports, Agriculture, Tourism, Education
- after all..we were pioneers in these fields 5000 years back
- well dressed, smart, educated politicians
- good idea to have just 2 political parties
- India should have a Brand Manager, Human Resource manger
- There should be a website by the goverment that talks about how much India has earned, spendings and areas of expenses, new projects, politicians bio data etc with facilities to interact.

4) Personal
- needs less pressure from parents
- more opportunities to show case talent in the area of art, theatre etc without wanting to run around for sponsorships
- want more choices and options for higher education in indian colleges
- would be great if all things were less expensive. A lapop should cost Rs.5000, a bike around 10k,
- be more independent

WOW !!!!
Can you imagine if all these were in place? We have seen close to 27,000 students so far in the last five years...and this is what majority of students want every time.
What do you think?


At 2:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Reading through this took me three years back, when I had come to the Maveric office to register myself with SC.It was a great experience being interviewed for the first time in my life/career.

The best part of SC 'Work a while' is that it gives you an insight into what you can expect in the real world and how you should handle responsibilities which are full time.

Compensation is only secondary..the experience priceless.

Please keep up the good work.



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