Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Anita S

A- hey b, why are you moping about? why do you look so glum?

B- oh nothing, i just got the news that my prof. has tore up my end semester assignment for haphazard organisation and simply lousy presentation and that was just when i was limping in agony as i had sprained my little toe when i tried to kick a stone in frustation, and the frustation was coz i had just been dumped once again.

A- you and your silly problems. just climb out of your self-centered shell and learn to take everything in your stride. who doesn't have problems?there are mammoth catastrophes happening all around; countries are at war, famines and floods are on a rampage, people are dying everyday. what makes you think that your petty problems are greater than any of these?

B- coz they are mine.


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