Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Papa and Mama

a StudentConcepts member

Papa Dearest
He is a dear friend to me,
More that a loving father.
He has always been my guide,
A ‘Role – model’ I would say rather.
He is always beside me,
To comfort me when hurt,
The art of living through difficulties,
From him I have learnt.
Known for his great sense of humour,
He makes everyone laugh.
Sweets.He can eat loads of them,
He can even eat on my behalf !
An old English melody,
Or be it an old Hindi song.
His way of relaxing would be,
To sit listening to them all day long.
Very easygoing as he is,
Happy he manages to stay.
“Keep smiling at all times”,
That he always does say.

Mama Dearest
Any problem and I go to her,
She will always help me out.
She is the most caring mother,
Of that there is no doubt.
She does everything she can for me,
Expecting nothing in return.
To care and love others,
From her I did learn.
Talking and laughing away,
Together we have so much fun,
We go on outing often,
Be it in the rain or the sun.
While in the kitchen,
Making a dish anew,
Her favourite bhajans,
She keeps listening to.
A mother like mine,
Is very rare,
All I want to say is,
For her I really care.


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