Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Our old team

It definetly has been a satisfying week at StudentConcepts office. 5 years of work definetly seems to be paying off. How? Some of the people responsible for getting StudentConcepts to the level it is now are

Rajesh V - did our backend computer programming
Raj B - client servicing
Vijay s - student relations
Varun Kumar - student relations and events
Muthukumaran - programming
Vijay Henley - programming
Balaji - adventure travel

They were students when they joined the management team of StudentConcepts. For 2-3 years they put in their heart and soul. Their only work experience was the work they did here. Now....

Rajesh - left India to do projects in Japan, Singapore, UK
Raj B - started his own company in brand management
Vijay S - making a short movie with friends
Varun - working for a leading computer giant in Bangalore
Vijay H and Muthukumaran - in Singapore with an IT company
Balaji - working for a leading bank in Coimbatore

Wow! All this in the last couple of weeks! Its great to see how StudentConcepts have changed the lives of students when everyone else lost hope in them!

Wish you guys all the best!!


At 1:09 PM, Blogger Merlin said...

yeah...u people r cool man.......and cranky..:D..but hats off to u guys....u manage to look professional...:D

At 1:24 PM, Anonymous bhuvan thaker said...

Hey Manoj...How you doing?

A Small mention about me would have made me also part of the gang. I would have been happy!!



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