Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Monsterous Quake

A StudentConcepts member

On the ill fated day,
Of the 26th of Jan,
Fate struck,
In the worst way it can.
The earth beneath,
Feverishly shivered,
Announcing death to many,
Who,for a Republic day parade,had gathered.
Before the unsuspecting people,
Realised the intensity of the situation,
Gujarat was going through,
Major destruction and devastation.
Buildings came crashing,
On to the ground.
Like a pack of playing cards,
But with a massive sound.
Beneath these rubbles,
Lay thousands trapped.
In a matter of minutes,
Many villages were scrapped.
The survivors were too shocked,
To accept the truth,
They were left with no one,
To comfort and soothe.
Rescuers and aid,
From around the world,
Poured in to help Gujarat,
As the whole state swirled.
People were being pulled out,
From under the debris,
Some were lucky,
While many, victims of the tragedy.
It is amazing the way,
The whole world came together,
To help the people of Gujarat,
Who at the moment were shattered.
Following these happenings,
On news papers and television,
The need for all this destruction,
I could’nt figure out the reason.
The disturbing pictures I came across,
Showed me grief which I never knew.
And the trauma and the pain,
The victims went through.
I felt so helpless,
From where I was,
I wish I was there,
To personally console the people of their loss.


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