Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Lets be Fair

a StudentConcepts Member

An earth quake strikes,
Leaving many poor,
But to regain their loss,
They will get aid for sure.
Those, who are to,
Temporarily face poverty,
Become the talk of the town,
Sympathised by many.
The destruction was huge,
Many lives lost.
People faced mass tragedies,
And material loss.
Yes, they need help,
As the problem is severe.
People's homes were shattered.
This would happen,they had imagined never.
But, what about those,
People born poor?
Slum dwellers and urchins,
Whose futures are unsure?
Hundreds of poeple,
Sleep in the open land.
While luxuriously, many,
Sleep on beds so grand.
They barely manage,
A meal per day.
On pavements and under trees
Is where they stay.
Thousands may pass by,
Not giving them a glance.
They are left with no choice,
But asking for alms.
They need aid too,
For the betterment of their living.
Proper clothes to replace their rags,
And food to rid them of their starving.
They being a part of our society,
Generously we need to donate.
We cna't put them aside,
By just asying, "Oh, that's their fate".


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