Wednesday, September 22, 2004

In the classroom

Anita S

the prof deserves us:
me and the creature who sits next to me.

creature- so..whats up?
me- the ceiling
cre- aaah. you are very profound. life itself takes on a luminous sheen of meaning for me.
me- du-uh.
cre- was that you or was that your stomach?
me- what do you think?
cre- your stomach is always empty.
me- NO
cre- whats your weight?
me- 49 maybe.
cre- liar.
me- why?
cre- you cant be more than me; iam 48.
me- but you lost weight. you are as thin as me now.
cre- yippee!
me- im happy you succeeded int the mission of your life- to become as thin as me.pleases the narcissist in me.
cre- good
me- very good
cre- very very good
me- you're bored.
cre- yeah
me- im bored too
cre- yeah


me- so..
cre- so-so.
me- miruna ma'am is verry worrst in teaching but i liking her as person(miruna ma'am-"...'equi clibanum' means the heat of horse dung..")
cre- she is talking somethings dirty dirty like horse dung and all, so iam not liking her at all.
me- but even then you cannot say she is not golden at heart very much
cre- in heart maybe is gold, but in head is heat produced by hossdung.
me- yessa?
cre- that is why she is smelling very worst of all.
me- you is talking rubbis. she is putting sent.
cre- sent! father must be rich no?
me- yessa? you think? must be Burmabajaar illegal item bought at cheap rate.
cre- ooh. phorin items you think?
me- musttuh be. otherwise mabbe it is present.
cre- than who you mean? boyfriend? but if she is also having husband means it is verry worrst.
me- husband is cock-hold.hehe.
cre-oh you are verry worrst in dirty taak.
me- you blushhing?
cre- very mush
me- yessa? than iam mostuh frightfully sorry.


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