Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Human Fraility

Anita S

you are one of the few things i admire. you appear like a white devil out of nowhere, or should i say, a saintly entity minus the halo. there is confidence in your pose, the tension of purpose in the deadly stillness of your limbs,perception in your unshifting beady eyes, and nonchalance in the measured curves of your lower limbs. as i stand watching you, you watch me. wary. but knowing.and you seem to convey to me through your mocking glance the lesson we all have to learn from you; the guiltless pride in being what we are and in being able to enjoy the kind of life we can create for ourselves.also the ability to look at the world and its people and at one's breakfast with no illusions crowding the truth of reality. i say its pure art- the agonising precision with which your tongue uncurls, sweeping out, and flying across a huge distance, attains your goal- breakfast. i come out.

after five minutes, i hear my brother screeching from inside,"maa..,quick get me a broom a stick anything..yuck, its so disgusting, hurry up ma or the lizard will disappear."


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