Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Bridge

Rajiv Subramanium

One dull grey morning
I looked at the sky
Looked at my muddy feet below
Thought oh God! I want to die

I hated my dreary apartment
I hated my vocation
I wanted to die, I wanted to drown
All I needed was a good location

The clock tower is beautiful
And its high enough
But there's too much traffic at 10 o'clock
So getting there would be tough

Maybe I could sink at the pier
That wouldn't be too far
But the lifeguards there
Would drag me out and give me CPR

O woe is me! I can't find a place
But I really want to drown!
I don't want to glub alone in my tub
But somewhere out in town

The BayBridge is quite a nice spot
And the river is very deep
Oh yes that will do, I think that will do;
I'll go now and take a leap.


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