Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Niranjan Rao

I hit the road late at night, the words swarming in my head buzzing like bees... Prof. Adnanavis had said “Bluetooth!”

Adios wires!! Riding the streets, I could not but help reflect on the days when I thought technology was still developing. Even now we still have sinister looking wires running everywhere at home. From the telly to the music system and the refrigerator, we cannot have a house without wires.

Let me introduce myself, I am Roving Eye, just another ordinary student of the extraordinary Prof. Adnanavis whose lectures impress upon me a desire to understand sophisticated looking systems...and of course unraveling to a certain extent the complexities of various mechanisms. I will try to reproduce in simpler terms the essence of technology through his eyes.... Consumer technology has showered upon us newer and newer (and increasingly useless) products over the years, but nothing has been done to free us from the Wired up Syndrome, that is until Bluetooth came along. The word Bluetooth emerges from a relatively darker side in the history of Scandinavia – King Harold Blatand (meaning Bluetooth). Bluetooth actually emerged out of the research work put in by two Ericsson scientists, Sven Mattison and Jaap Haartsen. (Prof. Adnanavis had said that it was based on a tiny radio transceiver that works in the 2.4 Ghz wave band - the very same used for digital cordless phones).

Soon everything from PCs to your brand new microwave oven will be talking to each other. When your Bluetooth kitchen sees that it has run out of stock of chillies, it can send a request to your cell phone or even place an order with your local grocer. (Imagine having to explain to your boss why you are washing your clothes using your Bluetooth washing machine from your office PC when you are supposed to checking on a customer’s credits!!).

I parked my bike and unlocked the door to my apartment. I was greeted with darkness. Silently groping the walls for the switch I realize the immense potential of Bluetooth. My lazy self would have desired the lights to come on automatically and a synchronized system to greet me... “Hello Roving Eye...What can I do for you tonight?”. Imagine that!! A home that speaks and listens to me!! But that’s moving a bit too far...Bluetooth is yet to gather momentum. By the year 2010, close to 900 million electronic devices will have this chip within it...making systems infinitely smarter.

All communication to you via e-mail, voice mail, cellulars and phones can be directed to a single device that acts as your temporary could be your Bluetooth refrigerator. You would not need wires to download pictures from your digital camera to your computer nor would you need them to quickly print these pictures using your intelligent laser jet printer.

OK! So you are on the move...fine! All you need is a single Bluetooth device. As you move from a state to another (Not in India for a long long time!) your unit could talk to your laptop at home and deduct the toll tax from your credit card without having to stop anywhere. Still feeling insecure? Well, you could stop for gas at any point and walk up to any Bluetooth terminal to receive the hardcopy of your transaction. Don t think that all of this is still far from your reach. WAP (an acronym that stands for Wireless Application Protocol) has already made accessing the Internet from your cell phone possible. However, Bluetooth radio switches designed by leading car and plane manufactures will replace all wires within the bodies of the machines. Sony, Microsoft and Intel are already working on projects that will place Bluetooth in strategic positions to monitor system performance.

If your refrigerator is malfunctioning a signal is sent to your dealer automatically and the factory can recall your system. Bluetooth is basically an assistant technology and complements the performance of your existing devices without complex compatibles. Technology experts say that the concept still being in its infancy could have unknown side effects or produce other inoperabilites. Last seen in Monte Carlo a variety of Bluetooth gadgets ranging from phones to desktop organizers were happily chatting to each other approaching near zero error percentage under close scrutiny. Details of studies conducted under the auspices of established health firms have also confirmed that the weak radio waves emitted by the chip are no threat to health or other communication systems. (By the way, for you cell phone users, prolonged exposure to the waves emitted by the units could cause cancer of the brain...studies are still on to ascertain this for sure...I will keep you posted on developments!!)

At this point Prof. Adnanavis stopped to explain...When the telly came in, then began the age of indecision, to do or not to do...laziness set in and the average weight of individuals in and around your home shot up. With the advent of technology like Bluetooth the future seems uh...brighter. no, duller....Whatever!! It depends on how you see it...The class ended in chaos...but the professor had given us some homework to do...


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