Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Blank Caller

Anita S

A = Anita
bc = blank caller

A's mother- Hello?
A's mother- Hello?

ma- Hello?
ma- Nzzzzz..(breathes on the phone)
ma- mmhellooo?

Ding dong goes the doorbell.
A-(breathlessly) Did anybody call ma?
ma-no, nobody called for you.
A- oh. are you sure nobody called ma?
ma-yes im sure. why, were you expecting a call from somebody? divya said she'd call around 8.oo
ma- its only 8.10 now. if she is anything like you, she will call exactly at 8.45
A- i'll wait.

1, she keeps staring at the phone.
2, she's reading a book but her ear is enlarged and is pointing at the phone.
3, is holding up her first and middle finger all elongated and knotted up.

A-(grabs the phone and shouts) HELLO?
A- ooh, okay dad i'll tell mom you'll be late.
hangs up.
A- sigh!

he didn't call today. funny how i assume that my blank caller can only be a guy.
why can't it be a girl? but girls don't blankcall. they are not that stupid.anyway. i was very disappointed that he didn't call. never realised that i've come to depend on that call as my everyday session with the shrink.i hope he calls tomorrow. i really hope he calls tomorrow.

A- hello?
A- you didn't call yesterday. not that i care but im kind of used to ur call everyday now. we humanbeings are such creatures of habit. talking to you has become a habit to me.but you know, i was wondering, how is it that you can keep quite for such a long time? i try so hard to provoke you to utter a word involuntarily but you always win. don't you sometimes get this overwhelming urge to speak out? don't eager words bubble up from the pit of your stomach, squeeze through your throat and bang against your teeth and cheeks, clamouring to be let out?
A- hmm, i guess not.


At 7:29 PM, Blogger chikuado said...

that was a cool one! not only the writing, but also the way the writer depicts the inherent craving in all humans to TALK! nobodyw ants to listen, and this writer is so happy she found someone who actually did listen!

Brought out very beautifully!


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