Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Australian Slangs

For those about to visit Australia and to those who want to avoid appearing like a drongo
when faced with the local lingo, here is a brief guide to Australian slang words and phrases.

Ankle-biter - Small child
Apricots - Testicles
Aussie - An Australian
Back o'Bourke - In the middle of nowhere
Backroom waltz - Interrogation at the police station
Banana bender - A resident of Queensland State, once derided as being
backward. Allegedly the only native skill was to put a bend in a banana.
Big note yourself - Self-aggrandizing, putting on airs
Blow in the bag - A breathalyzer test
Bludger - Lazy person
Bog in - Start eating ravenously
Bush - The vast Australian countryside
Bush telly - Gazing at the stars
Cactus - Dead, not working
Captain Cook - Rhyming slang (similar to English cockney slang) referring to the explorer who discovered Sydney; "Take a Captain Cook" means to take a look
Chuck a sickie - Call in sick when you're actually feeling well
Chunder, Technicolor yawn - Vomit
Cooee - A bush yell for when you are lost
Dinkum, fair dinkum, dinky di - Genuine, truthful, the real thing
Don't come the raw prawn - Don't try to fool me
Drink with the flies - A solitary drinker
Drongo - An unintelligent and worthless person
Earbash - Talk nonstop
Fair go, Fair crack of the whip - Give someone a break
Five finger discount - Shoplift
Galah - A noisy parrot, used to describe someone who is noisy and nonsensical
G'day - Traditional Australian greeting
Got no coin - short of funds
He's got tickets on himself - A person who thinks he is the greatest
Hoon - Hooligan
Icy-pole - Frozen popsicle or ice cream on a stick
Jack-in-the-box - Someone who can't sit still
King hit - A punch delivered without warning
Knocker - One who criticizes
Lair - A show-off
Larrikin - A ruffian
Make a crust - Work for a living
Mate - Greeting can refer to men and women
Narkie - Someone who is negative or short-tempered
Never-never, Outback - The remotest parts of the bush
Ocker - A boorish Australian
Oldies - Parents
Oz - Term for Australia
Pash - An extremely passionate kiss
Point percy at the porcelain - Urinate
Pom - English person
Push - Gang of larrikins or ruffians
Put the bite on - Hit up someone for money
Rat's coffin - A meat pie (which, thankfully, contains no rat meat)
Scratchy - Instant lottery ticket
Seppo, Septic tank - An American (a less flattering term than Yank)
Shark biscuit - An inexperienced surfer
Sheila - Woman
Spunk - Attractive person (of either sex)
Squib out - Backing out, chickening out
Stickybeak - Nosy person
Strine - Australian slang
Tucker - Food
Two pot screamer - Someone unable to hold their liquor
Uee, Uwie, Yewy - Make a U-turn in traffic
Useless as an ashtry on a motorbike - Unhelpful, incompetent
Ute - A pickup truck
Vegemite - Sandwich spread derived from yeast extract, similar to Marmite (an acquired taste)
Walkabout - Aboriginal term meaning "to go on a wander"
Wowser - Stuffy, prudish person; a spoilsport
Yakka - Work
Yobbo - Uncouth and aggressive person
You'd have to run around in the shower to get wet - You are very thin
Zack - A five-cent coin


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